Follow Up

You Now Have a Classic Triumph EV6 with the look of 1976, and the feel of today's technology. Drive for less than the price per gallon back in 1976.


The EV 6 is manufactured in the USA and comes with a one year warranty on the frame, chassis, electrical systems, and a twelve year battery life.


Delivery can be expected, six months after receipt of order. The car is hand built to your specifications.


Please call or email for terms and pricing. Pricing is subject to any taxes, freight, or other expenses required at the time of delivery. Price and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Please Call or E-Mail

Please call or email to let us know what you think about the new

Triumph EV6.  

Thank You,

Classic Sport Cars, Inc.

4005 Auburn Lane

Nashville, TN 37215

Kent Simpkins

President & CEO