Triumph and Austin Healey Description

New Chassie and Suspension for Triumph

New redesigned chassis and suspension made from tubular steel provides greater strength and enhanced rigidity for the  electric motor's higher torque values.

Frame For Austin Healey

This is the Jule frame that's been made for the last 28 years. It's Stronger with tubular steel, Straight, and has a Five year guarantee.

Front and Rear Suspension

The suspension system is coil over shock absorbers with 4 wheel disc brakes and a regenerative braking system applied when driver lifts foot off the accelerator and transforms kinetic energy of the moving vehicle into electric energy for battery storage. 

UQM Electric Motor and Controler

The UQM Powerphase 135 has a peak power of 180HP (135kW) and a continuous power of 134HP(100 kW), Peak Torque 236 ftlb (320Nm). Comes standard with a liquid cooling system,and has been proven in the field with over 2 million miles of operation.

Battery Pack

The battery pack is Lithium-Ion, and has advanced thermal computer management with active liquid cooling that maintains ideal cell temperatures throughout the pack and responds quickly to increases in power demand and ambient temperatures.

Has a 12 year battery life warranty.

Smooth Riding

Electric cars are smooth and quite riding. One charge overnight has a 120 mile range. Extra Batteries increase range.